Axim Beach Hotel is excited to announce that it will be adding a new service to its guests. The hotel will soon start providing traditional ayurvedic massage and relaxation therapies. Please back again on for updates on these services.


The area surrounding Axim is naturally covered in rainforest and is lushly vegetated. The climate provides an array of habitats for a range of flora and fauna. In particular, Ghana is a very worthwhile birding destination, with over 180 species found across the country.

Some of the key birds that occur in Ghana are the white-crested tiger-heron, Congo serpent eagle, long-tailed hawk, white-breasted guinea fowl, white-spotted flufftail, yellow – billed turaco, black throated coucal, rufous fishing owl, the yellow casqued and black casqued wattled hornbills and many more.

The Ankasa Forest and Amansuri Wetlants which is only 40 minutes drive from Axim are some of the ideal forest and wetlands reserves worth visiting in the area to watch wildlife and nature

The western region is a premier birding region due to its lowland forests which is home to 15 endemic species. One reserve which is close to Axim and protects these lowland forests is the Ankasa Resource Reserve.

Here, over 300 plant species have been counted in one hectare and the reserve is home to more than 70 mammal species including forest elephants, bongo antelope, golden cats and hogs, as well as a variety of primates. In terms of birdlife, Ankasa is home to the spot-breasted ibis, grey ground thrush, white-crested tiger heron and white breasted guinea fowl.